Elective Guidelines

Elective requirements can be fulfilled with a variety of courses. The descriptions below describe which courses fulfill each elective requirement.

For information on fulfilling SUNY General Education electives, visit www.flcc.edu/academics/transfer-guidelines.

Liberal Arts Electives

Courses from the Humanities, Social Science, and Natural Science and Mathematics categories fulfill Liberal Arts requirements and also fulfill General Elective requirements.


Courses beginning with the following prefixes fulfill humanities requirements:


ASL American Sign Language

CIN Cinema

COM Communications

ENG English

FRN French

HON Honors*

HUM Humanities

MUS Music

PHL Philosophy

SPN Spanish

THE Theatre

* Honors courses may be given Liberal Arts credit in the area appropriate to the topic of course.

Social Science

Courses beginning with the following prefixes fulfill Social Science requirements:

ANT Anthropology

ECO Economics

HIS History

POL Political Science

PSY Psychology

SOC Sociology

SSC Social Science

Natural Science and Mathematics

Courses beginning with the following prefixes fulfill Natural Science and Mathematics requirements:

BIO Biology

CHM Chemistry

MAT Mathematics

NS Nutritional Science

PHY Physics

SCI Science

General Electives

General Elective requirements can be fulfilled by courses that fulfill the Liberal Arts Elective requirements.

In addition, courses beginning with the following prefixes will fulfill General Elective requirements, but do not fulfill Liberal Arts requirements.

ARC Architecture

ACC Accounting

AGR Agronomy

BUS Business

CDC Chemical Dependency Counseling

CJC Criminal Justice

CON Conservation

CSC Computing Sciences

CUL Culinary Arts

DIG Digital Media

ECE Early Childhood Education

EDU Education

EMCR Emergency Medical Services

ENV Environmental Science

ESC Engineering Science

FOR Forestry

FS Freshman Seminar

GIS Geographic Information Systems

GST General Studies

HOS Hospitality

HRT Horticulture

HUS Human Services

MAS Massage

MET Mechanical Technology

NUR Nursing

HPE Health/Physical Education

PLG Paralegal

TECH Mechanical Technology

VIT Viticulture and Enology

WFS Wildland Fire Suppression

Physical Education Electives

Physical Education Electives may be fulfilled by courses that have the HPE prefix.

The philosophy of the Department of Physical Education and Integrated Health Care is based on the belief that all students, regardless of their interest, age, sex, ability or disability, can benefit from the opportunity to participate in the Health/Physical Education program at Finger Lakes. Commitment to this belief is demonstrated by the broad selection of courses offered by the Department of Physical Education and Integrated Health Care. The courses are designed to meet a variety of student needs. The Department of Physical Education and Integrated Health Care adheres to a no waiver policy. This policy states that credit is granted under the following conditions:

  1. Transfer credit is awarded by the Student Records Office when an official transcript is received and an evaluation is completed. Transfer credit for Health/Physical Education courses will be granted if the student's transcript shows a grade of C- or better; or a grade of S = Satisfactory, or P = Pass was awarded by another accredited college or university. Transfer credit will be awarded based on credit earned or successful hours completed. Personal enrichment courses will not transfer as Health/Physical Education credit.
  2. A student who completes Emergency Medical Services courses: EMCR 130 Certified First Responder, EMCR 200 Emergency Medical Technician, or a higher level EMS credit course will be granted up to 3 credits of Health/Physical Education.
  3. The Physical Education Department adheres to the guidelines set forth in The American Council of Education's Guide to Evaluation of Educational Experience in the Armed Services. As of September 1979, it is recommended that four (4) credits of Health/Physical Education be granted for completion of Basic Military Training. The student must present his/her military discharge papers (DD 214) to the Student Records Office in order to verify military service.