SUNY Cross-Registration Agreement

Students attending a SUNY four-year institution or community college may be permitted to take courses at other SUNY four-year institutions or community colleges without incurring additional tuition charges.


The student must be a matriculated undergraduate and attending full-time at the home institution. The agreement limits the student to six credits of undergraduate cross-registered coursework per fall or spring semester and the cross-registered courses must be applicable toward degree or certificate completion. Cross-registration is only valid during fall and spring semesters. If cross-registering at a community college, the student must provide a certificate of residence to the institution. Students registering through a SUNY Cross-Registration agreement are not charged tuition at the host institution, but may be liable for course-related fees.

Finger Lakes Community College Students

Students interested in cross-registering must meet with their academic advisor and select a course that can be used toward degree or certificate completion. Students must complete the SUNY Cross-Registration FormAdobe Acrobat, PDF and obtain the signatures of their advisor, as well as the Registrar. FLCC students cross-registering for courses at other colleges must stay within overload and probation credit hour limits. After obtaining the appropriate signatures, students may contact the host institution for information regarding cross-registration. At the time of cross-registration, the host institution will sign the form. The original copy of the form, complete with host institution signature, must be submitted by students to the Student Records Office at Finger Lakes Community College. Credits completed through a Cross-Registration agreement with a C- or above will be posted as transfer credit to students' academic records. Please review page two of the SUNY Cross-Registration form for additional restrictions and instructions.

Students Visiting Finger Lakes Community College

Students from SUNY four-year institutions and other community colleges may cross-register for courses at Finger Lakes Community College on space available basis beginning 15 days prior to the start of the term. Cross-Registration forms must be received by the end of the add period for the semester (typically the second Friday of the semester); forms received after this date will not be honored. Students must contact their home institution for pertinent guidelines and to obtain a SUNY Cross-Registration form. A SUNY Cross-Registration form, complete with the designated home school officials' signatures, must be presented at the time of cross-registration. Visiting students are responsible for all course-related fees, and must submit a valid certificate of residence at the time of registration. Please review page two of the SUNY Cross-Registration form for additional restrictions and instructions.


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