Division of Academic & Student Affairs

The Division of Academic and Student Affairs at Finger Lakes Community College develops and implements strategies to promote student learning, well-being and success. This division coordinates academic and student support initiatives that foster intellectual, academic, cultural, and social development of students so that they will succeed as fully prepared members of the FLCC College Community and the community at large.

The following offices report to the Provost:

Office of Academic Affairs

Jacob Amidon
Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs
Room 3790

Reporting Departments

Office of Instruction

Cassy Kent
Associate Vice President of Instruction
Room 3796

Reporting Departments

Office of Professional Learning & Leadership Development

Director of Professional Learning and Leadership Development
Room 3756

Office of Student Affairs

Sarah Whiffen
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
Room 2153

Learning Framework

FLCC's Learning Framework is the structure that supports the College's learning values.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At FLCC, we value our faculty, staff, students, visitors and friends of our college, and promote diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our organization.

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Dr. Therese Bushner
Interim Provost, Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs
Room 1288
Kelsey Bright
Assistant to the Provost, Academic & Student Affairs
Room 1288