Certain courses require that you have met prerequisites in order to add that course to your schedule. These courses are identified by the word "Prerequisite" at the end of the course description in WebAdvisor and in the College Catalog. The primary purpose of prerequisites and co-requisites is to ensure students possess the necessary knowledge and/or skills to be academically successful.

Prerequisites may be successful completion of one or more college level course, a minimum placement test score, and/or a minimum grade in a prerequisite course. You may add a course section even if you have not completed the course prerequisite provided you are currently registered for the prerequisite course.

If you do not successfully complete the prerequisite course, the course that required the prerequisite will be dropped from your schedule within five (5) calendar days of the start of the term.

Except where noted, "successful completion" is defined by a grade of "C-" or better in the prerequisite course. Grades that are not acceptable are "D+," "D," "D-," "F," “I,” “W,” or "Q".

Request For Prerequisite Waivers

Prerequisite waivers may be granted under the following circumstances: Prior coursework, IB or AP scores. Students requesting a prerequisite waiver may do so by completing one of the following options:

In-Person Requests:

  1. Go to the One Stop Center.
  2. Bring a copy of your college or university transcript and course description(s) (a syllabus may be required). All prerequisite courses must have been completed with a "C-" or better. If based on IB or AP, bring your Score Report.
  3. Student Records will evaluate requests and approve the prerequisite waiver, if appropriate.

E-mail Requests:

  1. Complete and e-mail the prerequisite waiver form Adobe Acrobat, PDF
  2. Be sure to include ALL information requested. Only completed forms will be considered. All others will be disregarded.
  3. Include a copy of your college transcript and the applicable course descriptions. A syllabus may be required. If based on IB or AP, include your Score Report.
  4. In order to protect your privacy, this information must be sent from your FLCC E-mail Account. You will be contacted via the same.

Note: If you have successfully completed coursework at another college or university, it is very important that you get the coursework evaluated by a counselor for applicability in such areas as transfer and degree requirements as soon as possible.

Waiver Decisions

One of two things will happen: you will be asked to take the prerequisite course(s) or will be given permission to remain in the course. It is important to remember that a prerequisite waiver is not the same as a degree requirement waiver for graduation purposes. Students will need to work closely with their academic advisors to insure they can graduate in a timely fashion.


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