Viticulture & Wine Technology

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Are you a wine enthusiast who shares a vision and passion for the wine industry? Turn your interest in the wine industry into a satisfying career with FLCC's Viticulture and Wine Technology program. This unique program, which is housed in the FLCC Viticulture and Wine Center, allows you the opportunity to gain practical grape growing and winemaking experience in a region that's home to some of the most advanced agricultural research.

A.A.S. Viticulture & Wine Technology

Create a career thatlike a fine winegets better with time. With the wine industry continuing to flourish, the demand for individuals with the specialized knowledge and skill sets continues to rise in this industry. Earning your degree in Viticulture and Wine Technology from FLCC provides you the education essential for pursuing careers in vineyard management, winery operations, and wine sales.

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Experience Finger Lakes Wine Country

The unique beauty of the Finger Lakes region is part of the "outdoor classroom" in this degree program. During your program experience, you'll learn and work among the hundreds of wineries located in the Finger Lakes region, and utilize facilities such as the FLCC Viticulture and Wine Center, New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, and the New York Wine and Culinary Center.

Visit FLCC

See the campus and envision yourself as an FLCC student! FLCC's Admissions Office offers a variety of visit and tour opportunities.

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Viticulture and Wine Center

The FLCC Viticulture and Wine Center provides you with a real-world setting that is suitable for allowing you to gain extensive hands-on winemaking experience.

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Enology and Viticulture Tracks

As a Viticulture and Wine Technology student, you'll have the opportunity to specialize your studies in winemaking or grape growing through our Enology or Viticulture track programs. Both tracks are optional, and they are designed to prepare you for transfer opportunities after FLCC.

Enology Track

Viticulture Track

Rebecca Gilroy

"I would absolutely recommend the Viticulture and Wine Technology program through FLCC. It encompasses three very important areas: grape growing, winemaking, and winery operations."